ethics statement

May 26, 2107

In a time in which false information (“alt facts”), disinformation, and information and ideas shaped by the author’s undisclosed capture by corporations, governments, and religions is almost the norm, it is important for you to know a bit about my entanglements and possible conflicts of interest.

Generally, if you follow the money you can understand the sources of possible conflicts of interest.

My three largest sources of income are Social Security, management consulting and income from retirement funds. My management consulting is exclusively to small companies mostly in the US but also in the near past in New Zealand and India. All of my clients have annual sales of less than $1 million each. They are your classic small businesses. They are in the retail, web, farming, food, and services sectors. You can find out more about this work at my Riverside Business Coach website. I own no individual stocks and all investments are held in broad market index funds.

As a lifelong atheist I only consider myself beholden to my family, neighbors, immediate community, and the facts that I can ascertain about any given matter. 

My major local community engagement is with the Hudson Area Library. I have been on the Board of Trustees for seven years and was the President of the Board for five, though not now. I also participate occasionally in other local discussions and activities about economic development and community programs in Hudson and Columbia County.

Here is a post from 2002 about this topic: Whose Opinion (Advice) Is This?

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