Seen in Hudson on a Morning Walk

A few images from a morning walk.

I have taken hundreds of pictures of fire connections. Not sure why. Recently I have only added to this collection when I see a new use for them. Sometimes this is people perching on them. Sometimes they are holding up coffee, beer bottles, candy wrappers….


The City of Hudson clearly doesn’t believe in modern chemistry. Can’t think of the last time I saw so many dandelions.


My favorite stairs.


Maybe this is just part of a seasonal business’s normal cycle, but??

I know that this is a worn out topic here in Hudson. Nevertheless, I remain amazed at the bad taste of the county government to litter one of the best parks in the city with all of these signs. Why have a ark if you don’t want people to loll in the grass? Is the only purpose of this park to be a prop for war memorials? Why did they so proudly tout that a local builder had replaced the roof on the gazebo when it is almost never used? Strange thinking.