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Internet Access in Hudson – redux

The internet has reached a level of penetration into every aspect of our lives that we need to establish access as an essential utility universally available with some basic level of service provided at a cost accessible to every citizen.

Internet Access and Service Levels in Hudson and Columbia County

The Register Star featured an article today about internet service in the county, “County dials up broadband efforts: Working with local providers and developing a map of who can’t get high-speed Internet access among officials’ goals” By Nathan Mayberg.  Counting the Number…

Goodbye Mid-Hudson Cable – Verizon DSL and a Surprise

We pulled the plug on Mid-Hudson Cable (MHC) for our internet service a couple of weeks ago in favor of Verizon DSL service. I have written about MHC’s terrible service and misrepresentations earlier. Most recently here. Being fortunate enough to…